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Woodworking plans

If you are a woodworker, you have probably wanted to find a project plan that was easier to layout and cut than some of the plans that you find in woodworking magazines. Our template based plans make the job of layout and measurement simple.

There are just a few steps with a full size template woodworking plan. You unfold the cardboard pattern, punch out the areas to mark, mark your wood and cut. These are the easiest woodworking plans that you will find and the furniture and projects you are able to build are not your run of the mill projects.

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Adirondack furniture

Adirondack Chair Plans


folding adirondack chair
Adirondack loveseat plans $16 adirondack loveseat
Adirondack rocker plans $17 Adirondack rocking chair
Adirondack glider plans $16 lawn glider
Adirondack settee plans
(folding) (top seller)
$18 folding adirondack settee
Covered lawn swing
(top seller) 
$19 covered lawn swing

Picnic / dining table woodworking plans

6' hexagon picnic table plans
(top seller)
$16 picnic table plans
Convertible bench, table & chair $15 bench and table
Picnic table plans $15.50 picnic table plans
8' octagon picnic table plans $19 octagon picnic table plans
14' oval picnic table plans $15 oval picnic table plans
portable folding table & bench $15.50 bench

Gazebo Plans

12' octagon gazebo (rail) $20 gazebo plans
12' octagon gazebo (lattice railing) $20 gazebo woodworking plans
Storage sheds
Greenhouse plans  $17 greenhouse plans

Children's project woodworking plans

Jungle gym plans $19 jungle gym plans
swing set plans $15.50 swing set plans
Child's bench, table & chair woodworking plans $14 bench table and chair plans
covered sand box plans $14 covered sand box plans
Children's playhouse plans $14 Children's playhouse plans

Outdoor Project Plans

Wishing well woodworking plans $16 wishing well planter plans
Wishing well planter plans $15 wishing well planter plans
Dog house plans $12 Dog house plans

Deck and Garden Furniture Plans

deck/garden chair $12 deck chair, bench and table plans
deck/garden rocker $14
deck/garden bench $14
deck table $11
folding stool plans $10 folding stool plans

Workshop furniture Plans

Heavy duty work bench plans $13 work bench plans
Folding portable work center plans $15 portable work bench plans

Building woodworking projects with template based plans is the best way to mark and measure and be right every time.

Simply mark the material, saw & drill, and assemble. What could be easier?

Learn about the template based woodworking pattern system

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