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Woodworking Plan Template System

Here is how it works.

Step 1 Material List: Lists all materials and eliminates wasted trips for missed items. Uses common building materials available at most building supply centers.
Step 2 Cutting Layout: This shows which parts you make out of every piece of lumber you buy. This eliminates wasted material.
Step 3


  • Template edge folds down to keep template square on lumber to be marked.
  • All pieces are full length. If your part is 12' long your template is 12' long.
  • All necessary hole locations and sizes are prefigured and on the template.
  • All slots are die cut so you just mark all pieces and holes with pencil.
  • Number all parts as you go for ease of assembly.
  • Templates are made of 20 gauge Chipboard which is treated to help repel moisture which may be present in certain species of lumber (except item: aspl2. Templates are 24# stock)
Step 4 Assembly Instructions: The plans are designed to show you where to start, then take you through one step at a time. From start to finish, each subassembly comes first, then the assemblies of all the subassemblies. Some people understand pictures, other people understand copy. Here you have both.

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