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Picnic Table Plans

Why spend hundreds on a picnic table. Build your own with our terrific woodworking plans. You can save quite a bit of money and use our template/pattern system to build your own table.

We have plans for a straight picnic table, octagon table, hexagon picnic table, folding picnic table and bench and an oval table that seats up to 14.

Remember, shipping is included in all of our prices!

Picnic / dining table woodworking plans

Straight Picnic table plans $15.50 picnic table plans
6' hexagon picnic table $16 picnic table plans
Convertible bench, table & chair $15 bench and table
Folding table and bench plans $15.50 bench

Building woodworking projects with template based plans is the best way to mark and measure and be right every time.

Simply mark the material, saw & drill, and assemble. What could be easier?

Learn about the template based woodworking pattern system

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