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Wouldn't an Adirondack lawn swing look great in your own back yard? Out lawn swing plan is easy to build and looks great when done. Impress your loved one with the amazing project.

Covered Adirondack lawn swing Woodworking Plan

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Difficulty Level:
Beginner Woodworking

This has to be the best built lawn swing available. Extra care was given to this design for ease of cutting and assembly as well as to appearance and strength. Additional cross bracing and unique stabilizers have been included to help eliminate the sideways movement commonly found in lawn swings. It has ample seating capacity with it's 58" wide seats and a larger center floor, with leg room for adults. Assembly does require two people. Some wood working skills are required.

Dimensions: 103" Wide x 69" Deep x 90 1/2" High
Covered Adirondack lawn swing Plans

Item: jp750

Price: $ 19.00 (Free Shipping)


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