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The Adirondack chair is our most popular project plan (as well as our most popular piece of furniture). We have been selling these since 1999 and have many satisfied customers. We encourage our customers to contact us with any questions, or problems, along the way and have only receive one call. It is a woodworking project that can be built by a beginner, yet gives the result of a professional craftsman. If you have questions about the best wood to use for your chair, or if how to eliminate the footstool from the plan, please contact us.

Adirondack Chair Plans

Adirondack Chair Plans - Folding

adirondack chair

Larger image of the Adirondack chair

difficulty level: beginner

Folding Adirondack Chair Woodworking Plans

Full size project templates/patterns

This Adirondack chair is designed for comfort and great looks. It is a classic design with a concave back and seat. As with most Adirondack Chairs the arms are nice and wide.

The stool portion is an optional part of the building process and slides out from the center of the chair. This converts the chair into more of a lounger.

You can add wheels to the back to make it easier to move your Adirondack chairs around when/if it comes time to store them. This is a folding chair.

Chair Dimensions: 29 1/2" wide, 36" deep, and 37 1/2" high. With footrest extended: 57 1/2" deep.

Folding Adirondack Chair plans

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