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Free Adirondack Chair Plan

This free adirondack chair plan is a great find. It was a published in the 1990's and has always been a free woodworking project plan. If you want to build your own Adirondack chair, I would recommend that you download this plan and get started today. The plans are printable, have measured drawings and a complete material list.

Free Woodworking plan download:

Free Adirondack Chair Plan >>

The "Jake's chair" Adirondack chair plan is a 450kb file that is free to download. Have fun with this great project plan. There is a wealth of information included with the plans, but here is some additional advice.

I started building, Adirondack chairs in 1998. I have finished chairs, painted them, and left them completely untouched in a harsh northeastern climate (Buffalo, NY). Whenever anyone asks me what materials to use I let them know that it depends on where they will place their chair. To keep this simple, I will point out the best way to do things regardless of your climate.

Wood to use:.Western red cedar, redwood, or white cedar.
All of the above are great options. It really depends on the cost of the lumber in your area and what final look you wish to achieve with your Adirondack chair. Take a look at your local lumber yard and pick something that you want to see in your yard.

Hardware to use: This is a no brainer. You should use Stainless steel hardware for your Adirondack chair!
I don't care how other fasteners and hardware are coated, they will eventually react to the lumber that you use. You can end up with ugly streaks down the back of your chair, or dark marks where the fastener connects. Stainless will not do this. Of course the cost of stainless screws and bolts is more, but you will be MUCH happier with the results after your Adirondack furniture has weathered for a year or two.

Good luck building your Adirondack chair!




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